Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trump Announces His Presidential Campaign, Snoop Dogg Wants to Be CEO of Twitter and Tupac is Spotted in Cuba

I haven’t been writing on this blog as much as I should. Mainly because I’ve been a bit consumed with setting up the new office, random tasks on top of tasks and more tasks but today I decided to fit it in. Honestly, I had a lot of motivation today. Trump announced he was running for President of the United States, James Altucher thinks Snoop Dogg should be the next CEO of Twitter and Gawker just proved why Tupac is still alive and well in Cuba. And then there is this lady, Rachel Dolezal! Last time I was this stimulated by the media was when John McCain would move his arms up and down like a puppet on strings, Palin did her fancy pageant walking and Clinton said that archangels would come out of the sky. She was right, there is a battle of the Gods in Game of Thrones. Infact, they are all right. 

Maybe “The Donald” should be President. I mean he is rich and people want to be rich like him. So, he can teach them how. That’s of course if he doesn’t think they are too dumb. People don’t like Trump but they want to be like Trump. People want to like their President. People don’t really like Hilary either. So do you have to like the President? Do you like your boss? Or the President of the company you work for? Ha, do you even know the President of the company you work for? 

Would Snoop Dogg make a good President? People like Snoop Dogg. All marijuana jokes aside. I actually didn’t even know how to spell Marijuana. I had to google it. Saturday Night Live might joke that Snoop would make everybody chill out and smoke a joint ( if people still call it that) but I doubt it. I think he would probably be pretty damn good. To quote Altucher, “… try to start from scratch in a ghetto and build a $100,000,000+ empire the way Snoop Dogg has. Try to have the fastest selling album ever (at the time that Doggystyle came out).” #truestory Now, people will argue that Snoop is an entertainer and that’s nothing like running a tech company but that’s B.S. Snoop isn’t writing the code or building the next app. He’s leading, managing and creating a vision for the future and that takes some, if not, a lot of creativity and business acumen which has nothing to do with building an app and everything to do with EVERYTHING else that involves business. Business is about relationships. Snoop is good at relationships. He even said it himself, "The most important decision I've made in business? The choices of people I have around me." 

If I could vote for the President of Twitter, I would vote for Snoop before I’d vote for Trump. How dare he announce his candidacy on Tupac’s birthday! No seriously, I have more faith in the success of Snoop Dogg as CEO of Twitter than I do Trump as President. If Trump is President, America’s #1 export will no longer be weapons It will be entertainment!

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