Monday, September 7, 2015

Dat Gig Yo! My Take on Hilary Clinton and the Gig Economy

Even on a day we aren't supposed to work in order to celebrate the 'workforce' and labor strides made in America- I'm working! Granted I'm in bed...well I will be shortly. Right now, I'm sitting in a coffee shop pounding this post out on my iphone while I wait for a plug to open up next to a table and a chair but for now I sitting next to my Bae and browser spying on strangers hoping that I get some inspo for this Labor Day post.  It's great, isn't it? Isn't it great to be able to work anywhere you want and on almost any device? It still feels like a chore some time and no matter how 'Great' it is to work from bed, a coffee shop, a photo studio, a cafe, a living and hey even the bathroom - after a while it still feels just like any other work!

#thehumancondition. No matter how far we come, it's never enough! It will inevitably get stale and we will always want more. Ok, enough of my complaining but just remember, I'm complaining for us all - just in one place, on this blog!

I had a lot of options to blog about today. I read a lot of posts from James Altucher, Fred Wilson and I was even just inspired to just due my scapegoat default and post a "Happy Labor Day" gif and call it a day. Actually, that's exactly what I was going to do. I would've probably have gotten a lot more clicks. You probably won't even finish reading this post or watch my video. I don't blame you it's Labor Day - a day off! Honestly, I probably wouldn't have posted if I hadn't filmed the video several weeks ago. I just got lazy. Lazy and busy. Ok more busy, than lazy but you get the picture. So anywho, here is my vlog about the gig economy and the speech Hilary Clinton gave several weeks ago that I'm sure is going to get her elected! #totallyjoking


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