Monday, November 21, 2016

Post-Election Protester Standoff

I waited to post these photos of the standoff between protesters and the LAPD last week because I wasn’t sure if and how I wanted to contribute to the noise and if I did, was I doing it in a biased but then I realized that my lack of decision, is a decision and it was the decision that I didn’t want to make. So here they are. 

Honestly, I’m a bit annoyed at this whole thing when I look back at these photos and the video that I streamed on Facebook Live from that night. I’m annoyed because these are all puppets in a much larger game. A “game” they don’t even know they are playing. A “game” of biology and chemistry. 

If I were to predict what we are really witnessing in these pictures and video - it would be the “End of Millennialism". Trump's election is not the apocalypse that these protestors think it is. Yes, it’s sad. It’s fucked up. He’s an asshole for campaigning the way he did (regardless of whether he meant the things he said or not) but this is not the end of America and it’s definitely not the end of the world. It’s not the end of the World until it’s the end of the world. It’s already been over a week since the elections and the world is still going. So here is what we are. 

We are average. America is “average” on the world stage. As my good friend Sal said, “We are now part of the world that has a madman as their President. So we are average and there is really nothing “special” about our Republic Democracy.” Welcome to the rest of the world, America! 

We were in the five stages of grief played out in theatrics for everyone to watch. This is reactive manufactured grief. A manufactured protest and a show. All the world’s a stage and everyone’s got a front seat to watch people go through their denial, angry, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. 10 days later most of Americans have fallen into acceptance because they’re too depressed to do anything else. 

This is what it feels like to loose. It sucks but in the real world, losing is shitty. You don’t get a medal here for participation. This is part of growing up. This is part of maturity. Learning that the world isn’t fair. That privilege is not equal. It isn’t balanced. Maniacal preoccupations with stereotypes exist and they are really, real! 

Everything these protestors are feeling is real. These are real emotions even if for the wrong reasons or for a not fully understood reason that they can’t even get clear on themselves. 

And now we’ve got a pilot season on the Presidency. Protestors are the paid extras.

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