Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Need A President That Says, "I'm Sorry!"

I’m still picking myself up off the floor after last week's election results. The message we sent throughout this country is sobering and numbing at the same time. Neither candidate was ideal. One, a woman who hasn’t always been above board and has in her own way, taken advantage of the system.  The other has told us exactly who he is: a bigot, a bully, a liar, a misogynist, adulterer, and a scum of a businessman. 

Neither of them deserves to be elected. What we really, truly need is a President that says, “I’m Sorry.” For too long we’ve had people at the top- government leaders saying, “I’m not sorry! It’s your fault" "You should’ve worked harder." "You don’t belong here” “Your lives don’t matter.” “You should’ve done better."

Last week the message we sent to everyone in America, maybe even the entire world is: “ You don’t matter." Forget about black live, blue lives, gay lives, women’s live and unborn children’s lives. None of those lives matter. And those that think their lives are going to improve because of Trump are going to be fucked - absolutely fucked! The people that think tax breaks are worth the tradeoff are going to regret it later. Basically, anyone who thinks electing Trump was a good idea will soon realize that they don’t matter and didn’t matter beyond their vote for Trump.

What we needed was a President who says,  "I’m Sorry". That says, "I’m sorry" to the coal miners. "I’m sorry that we told you your jobs would be here forever. That you wouldn’t need to learn a new skill or look for a new career because coal would be here for you.” It was antiquated for us to think that things would stay the same forever.

A President that says, “I’m sorry to Millennials.” I’m sorry we told your parents that if you spent thousands of dollars on a college education and worked hard for your bosses, you would have steady employment, healthcare, a happy life and a dignified retirement."

"I’m sorry to those in Blue that we’ve created this culture of absolute power. I’m sorry to women for not enforcing your human right to make decisions over your own body. I'm sorry to men for making you believe that power comes out of control. These beliefs no longer suit humanity."

For far too long we’ve had this top down father-like lecture of Presidents promising to fix all the problems the ‘people' of this country have created. Its like gaslighting us to believe we created all of this alone. 

When the dust settles. When and if Trump is impeached or quits. In our next election, it might be too late for a President that says, “I’m Sorry!” Instead, we’ll be saying, “I’m Sorry." 

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