Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Manufactured Grief

Manufactured Grief Quote We’re a cultural playlist of drama, tragedy and grief on shuffle and repeat.

I was discussing my post from 
last week about the post-election protests and my girlfriend and I was like where did all of the protestors go? I mean it seems like after the first weekend after the elections everyone just gave up and went home. Really? What happened? I mean I thought the whole point of protesting was to force change but it seems like the purpose of protesting has just changed to foster the feeling of emotional release.

So is protesting now just a form of manufacturing and controlling stages of grief, anger and outrage so that there aren't too many “situations” that can’t be contained? I remember a few years ago when the Black Live Matter protests were in L.A. and before that was the 99ers. It was all the same pattern. Honestly, I can’t even take these protests seriously anymore.   At the same time, we are on a continuously pumping out a cycle of grief through media and news outlets. It seems like it never stops. We’re a cultural playlist of drama, tragedy, and grief on shuffle and repeat. Kind of rings familiar to a Black Mirror episode.

How do you get perspective on all this so you don’t end up being a Grief Victim? One of the questions I asked myself throughout all of these protests is who is paying for this? Who is paying for the permits, the police, the signs, the free water (yes, some of them were passing out free water), and the transportation for protestors that were coming miles and miles away in rented white vans. You don’t seriously expect me to believe that people are leaving their jobs, losing money that they need to take care of their families and paying for expenses to protest, do you? Not to mention the risk of arrest and/or injury.

The purpose of this post is just to get you thinking deeper about the things that are in front of you and you already think about.  

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