Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You're a Planet, Not a Satellite

I had a birthday a few days ago. I turned 37. I was like, “What the fuck kind of number is that?” I don’t remember anyone ever reflecting on a story about when they were 37.  37 is probably at best - anecdotal. Then I remembered that 37 is a prime number. A number divisible by only 1 and itself.  It’s not like all the other prime numbers that come before 37. It’s different. It’s kind of boring. It’s laughably ridiculous. 

I read an interesting article the other day that said that at 37 you’re a planet, not a satellite. So I started reflecting on all of the prime numbers before 37 to find their significance. 

2 is exciting because it comes after 1 marking your second year of being born.

3 is just as exciting as 2 probably because your parents make such a big deal of it all.

5 is a real milestone. You’ve finally gotten a hang of this birthday thing.

7 is right before 8, which starts the countdown to hitting the double digits. You’re almost at 10!

11 is like 7 but you’re almost able to put ‘teen’ behind your number.

13 is the big bang. You’ve made it to teenagehood.

17 is your last year of legal adolescence. Next year you’ll be 18 - legally and adult although you’re still holding on to the ‘teen’.

19 is your last year has a ‘teen adult’, legal yet still a teenager. Bittersweet.

23 you’re a satellite in orbit, no longer grounded at the base station. Old enough to drink, live alone, start a career but not yet ready to fuel your own tank.

29 is your last year in your 20’s. Sad because you’re still a satellite but you’re lost in space.  

31 you’ve realized this was a setup all along. The novelty of adulthood is wearing off. You were never meant to stay a satellite. You’re starting to form our own rivers, mountains and forests. It’s new and exciting.

37 is the trough of sorrow. You’ve been here for a while but reality has just set in. You’re having wiggles of false hope. It’s sobering and you’re like, “Oh fuck, this shit could go either way! Where’s my promise land?”

Midlife adulthood is like a satellite that’s been in transit so long it’s becoming its own planet. This is the "in-between" where you determine whether you really love adulthood or decide you despise it while yearning for that age when you were young enough to still be considered a satellite, yet have your own control board. 

If you’re turning 37 it’s a great time to be in the stillness of orbit. No gravitational pull. Just you in space steadfast through the trough of sorrow, wary of false hope, past the crash of ineptitude; headed straight for the promise land - your own planet! 

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