Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jane Street Launched Today!

I have to give the disclaimer and I figured I should do this at the beginning of this post versus the end. I’m personally not a fan of cannabis - mainly because I’m naive to the plant and the entire category but I do understand that there’s a huge consumer base of both recreational and medical users that extends beyond just smoking marijuana.

I probably sound like an “old fart” right now but this just goes to show my ignorance on the subject. So why am I writing about Jane Street? A.) I love media. I think the idea that you can create media and gather an audience around different niches is awesome. B.) I feel just as much excitement for the subject of  “business” as I do “media”. So seeing and industry be created out of a plant is fascinating to me. 

Another reason I’m writing about Jane Street is that I’ve discovered that the cannabis industry is full of women. Women make up 36% of leadership in the cannabis space. 63% are in high-level positions. Yay, more women leading - not just consuming!

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