Friday, July 7, 2017

Why Are Fashion Influencers Turning Themselves Into Criminals To Get You To Click?

Back in April news hit that a popular Instagram blogger Shaniqua Jordan was arrested for Credit Card fraud and grand larceny.

Basically, she somehow had access to her customer’s credit card numbers via affiliate programs she ran on her blog and social sites. What’s so confusing is how she gained access to those credit card numbers. Maybe there’s something I’m missing from this story because whatever company is in charge of running the affiliate programs shouldn’t be giving credit card access to influencers. So that just sounds sketchy, to begin with. If she’s running her own affiliate program for her own products, that would make more sense to why she would have access to customer credit cards.

Either way, it doesn’t make the act lawful. However, it does raise the question as to why a popular influencer like herself isn’t making enough money to be tempted to commit fraud? Of course, I’m not asking this question without proposing a solution. So here’s what I think:

A. It’s Fake News: It was a gimmick to drive traffic to her site and socials because I haven’t seen it get picked up on any mainstream news which it inevitably would’ve because it’s headline grabbing. 

B. Go back to A.!

To further back up my point, if the arrest and charges were true then she probably wouldn’t have been available to continue to post new content on her social channels and websites because they would most likely be evidence. There is only 1 mugshot and no photos and/or video of her being arrested and in today’s world you know that’s pretty hard to escape. 

Why would someone associate themselves with a crime in order to get famous and drive traffic? To put it simple, it’s clickbait. You’re curious so you click. You visit her site, Instagram,etc., click around, click an affiliate link. The cookies from the sites affiliate link you clicked follows you around for a few days until you buy something and she makes the commission. She cleans up in affiliate earnings and you don’t even know it. 

Moral of the story: Be careful where you click!

You’re welcome 


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