Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fashion Modeling and Alcoholism

Last week I made an appearance on a documentary about alcoholism and teens. By extension, they asked me to do a segment specifically about alcoholism in the modeling industry since many models start out in the industry as teens - especially girls. 

To date, many models including Lara Stone, Sophia Nash, and Amber Valletta are just a few models that have spoken out about how alcohol addiction has impacted their health, lifestyle, and career. The effects of alcohol are far more reaching than backstage at fashion week. Almost every shoot and party has plenty of alcohol and drugs. 

Many models use alcohol as a way to ease social anxiety while dealing with the pressure of having to exert constant emotional labor that the industry demands - to always appear pleasant, happy, upbeat and agreeable. In simplified terms, alcohol takes the edge off. 

This isn’t so different from how alcohol is used in social settings in general. Most people attending professional and social functions often use alcohol as a crutch. So what makes models so different? The age at which alcohol exposure starts, the regular accessibility of alcohol on the day to day basis and the absence of intervention. 

With so many teens wanting to emulate their model "role models”; the producers of the documentary wanted to expose their audience to how the glamorous images of models and celebrities on magazine covers and social media may leave a misguided impressionable image on what it’s like to be “beautiful, famous and always partying” . 

I’ll post a link to the project when it’s released sometime in the coming months. 

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