Friday, December 29, 2017


Every year approximately 1.2 million girls and boys are trafficked worldwide. The average age of a trafficking victim is 12-14 years old. A few weeks ago we produced a live series on Facebook Live to highlight the untold stories and hidden corners of sex trafficking.

#HerToo has been gaining momentum with #MeToo. But #HerToo is what we can do for each other. Imagine 300,00 underaged girls are being sold for sex in the United States every year! Not one of those girls has the platform of any Hollywood Actress or celebrity.

For every woman and girl who has been empowered to say #MeToo, an immeasurable number of others are too afraid or cannot speak out. Many of them fear shame, punishment, violence, and retaliation against them or their families. So we are giving these women and girls a voice by sharing their stories.

At least 15 times a day a trafficked minor is sold for sex. You can help put an end to this by getting involved with organizations like the Women Like Us Foundation.  The Women Like Us Foundation is committed to sustaining women’s leadership through creating awareness of women-led initiatives and granting funds. The Women Like Us Foundation facilitates on-the-ground organizations that are rescuing women from sex trafficking and helping them on the path to recovery.  

Here are our videos:
Lizza Monet Morales:

Arin Pitcher:

Joy Moeller-Donnell:

Linda Rendleman:

Kerry Schwartz:

Raquel Figlo:

Nadya Rousseau:

Anna Nova:

Daisi Pollard Sepulvada:

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