Sunday, December 31, 2017

That's So 2017

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Seth Godin posted in his blog earlier this month that, "The front lawn is a luxury good, a sign that you don't need to graze your cows on every square inch, and that you're willing to waste the lawn. And the few bits of leather good enough to go into that luxury handbag sends a message about your ability to walk away from all the other parts of the hide."

He's right. Who still needs a front yard? For what? I go back a forth from the city to the suburbs and I'm always in awe at why and how people decide that spending time to maintain a yard they rarely get to enjoy because they're working themselves to the grave trying to keep it is some form of luxury. It's wasteful and so 2017. 

Owning a home isn't a bad thing but owning things you can't truly enjoy and rarely use is. When I think back to my parents and grandparents spending endless hours on the weekends "doing the lawn" and believing this would be an important skill to teach; I realize how irrelevant it is to my life today. The same goes for driving, housekeeping, and grocery shopping.  Technology has enabled many of us to leave behind many of the beliefs of what we thought would be important in the future.

There are new luxuries - efficiency, simplicity, saving time and empowering other people economically. There's satisfaction in knowing we’re all benefitting without loosing. 

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