Thursday, January 4, 2018

Imperfect Allies

I’ve been thinking a lot about this since the bombs began to drop bringing this issue of sexual harassment and assault by Hollywood’s elite to the forefront. As time went on and more and more men were put on blast for their transgressions, I began to consider who isn’t speaking out and why.

The Hollywood system has always been fixed, gated and rigged. There’s less than 100 “A” listers male and female all of which are extremely protective of making sure the gate stays up in order to further secure their positions within the Hollywood system. Most of the reinforcers are male - actors, producers, directors, agents, studio heads, and financiers. 

Women in Hollywood have historically been complicit, especially at the top, turning a blind eye and excusing the behaviors of their male counterparts because defending another woman in Hollywood would mean potentially damaging your own status within the system.

Yes, there are “A” list women speaking out now but there have been very few men willing to speak out to validate these women’s claims. Instead, women are doing what we women have always done - get in our circle, clutch our wine and validate each other. That’s not enough.

Look, we’re going to need some men on our side and they’re going to be flawed. They’re going to have some kind of history with either sexually harassing women and/or men, assault, making sexist comments, discriminating against hiring a woman, or they’re going to have at least shared in these sentiments in their thoughts or amongst their male peers and so much more. 

BUT we can not have a conversation, a campaign,  a march or an amendment to the way things are done in Hollywood without having an ally on the other side of the table. So some of these guys who have come forward in acknowledging their actions and issues, we should put them to work instead of burning them at the cross because all we’re doing is sending them back to the boys club angrily spewing, “I tried to help these bitches and you see what they did to me! Fuck these bitches!” That resentment is going to build up and the pushback is going to be hard and forceful. 

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